Laravel Core Adventures


February 18th, 2019

Laravel Core Adventures

Laravel Core adventures is a video series by Christoph Rumpel that takes you through topics related to the internals of the Laravel framework.

The format is a high-level topic with multiple videos introducing you to each concept and then walking you through how it works under the hood, with the goal of explaining and demystifying the Laravel framework internals.

Chris has two core adventures: The Chamber of Facades and The Forgotten Hall of the Request Life-cycle so far. At the time of writing, here’s a preview of the topics and videos:

The Chamber of Facades

  • Level 01 – An Introduction to Facades
  • Level 02 – This is How Facades Work
  • Level 03 – Testing Facades
  • Level 04 – Real-time Facades

The Forgotten Hall of the Request Life-Cycle

  • Level 01 – It All Starts With the Request Lifecycle
  • Level 02 – The HTTP Kernel
  • Level 03 – The Router

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