Encrypt Database Values in Laravel with DB Encrypter


January 31st, 2020


Laravel DB Encrypter is a package by Daniel Częstki that automatically encrypts and decrypts values stored in database fields. It uses Laravel’s standard Encryption via a trait:

1use betterapp\LaravelDbEncrypter\Traits\EncryptableDbAttribute;
3class Client extends Eloquent
5 use EncryptableDbAttribute;
7 /** @var array The attributes that should be encrypted/decrypted */
8 protected $encryptable = [
9 'id_number',
10 'email',
11 ];

Note: encrypted values are longer than their plain text counterparts. The package recommends storing data as a TEXT column:

If your current data is not encrypted, the column will be returned as-is. You can check out the package on GitHub at betterapp/laravel-db-encrypter.

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