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January 6th, 2021

Laravel Debugbar Companion App

DebugBar Companion is a desktop app by Marcel Pociot that compliments Laravel Debugbar with historical Debugbar data. I think the introduction video that Marcel Tweeted out yesterday sums it up nicely:

I'm proud to release the first version of the open-source @laravelphp DebugBar companion app! I also recorded an awesome announcement video – check it out.

Dive into the codebase, help us improve it, become AWESOME

— Marcel Pociot (@marcelpociot) January 5, 2021

The nice part about this app is that it supplements all the features you’d expect from Laravel Debugbar and also provides a filterable history of previous Debugbar requests for all your applications in one place.

Having a history of requests is useful when you track down queries and piece multiple requests together without having to copy and paste data to reference it later.

It works by accepting debug data from the Laravel Debug bar via a custom Laravel Debugbar provider. For now, the DebugBar Companion app readme has instructions on how to set up the custom Debugbar provider for your app.

Laravel Debugbar will likely ship with a provider either specifically for the DebugBar Companion app or a general “socket” provider for this type of integration (details here).

This application is available on macOS, Windows, and Linux, and you can download it from the GitHub releases page. You can learn more about this app, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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