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December 13th, 2018


Dusk Dashboard is a beautiful dashboard for your Laravel Dusk tests by Marcel Pociot. Marcel describes this package as follows in his post Introducing the Laravel Dusk Dashboard:

Laravel Dusk Dashboard is a Laravel package that gives you a beautiful Dashboard for your Dusk test suites. It completely visualizes the individual steps that are involved when your Dusk tests are running, as well as DOM snapshots for each individual step. This makes it super useful when trying to debug your browser tests and to figure out what they are doing in the background. You can also make use of your browsers debug tools to inspect the DOM snapshots.

The way the Laravel Dusk Dashboard package works is that you run an artisan command to fire up the dashboard:

1php artisan dusk:dashboard

Once the Dusk dashboard is running, you can run your tests by clicking the “Start Tests” button. The UI will show your tests on the dashboard as they run. Tests also run when you change your tests files via the package’s built-in watcher.

This package includes tools for debugging and visualizing the application at specific steps in the Dusk test case. It should generally help you visualize how your tests run, which is also helpful if you are not familiar with Dusk.

Check out Marcel’s detailed write-up on this blog. His post goes into detail on the internals of how he built the project, and the source code is an excellent source of information for communicating between the browser and the PHPUnit Dusk test suite.

You can view the source code on GitHub at beyondcode/dusk-dashboard.

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