Laravel DynamoDB Eloquent Models and Query Builder


April 5th, 2022

Laravel DynamoDB Eloquent Models and Query Builder

Laravel DynamoDB is a DynamoDB-based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel. Using the provided Dynamo driver, models extend the Eloquent base model:

use Kitar\Dynamodb\Model\Model;
class ProductCatalog extends Model
// Required
protected $table = 'ProductCatalog';
// Name of the partition key (required)
protected $primaryKey = 'Id';
// Name of the sort key (optional)
protected $sortKey = 'Subject';
// Default sort key value when we
// call find without a sort key.
protected $sortKeyDefault = 'profile';
protected $fillable = ['Id', 'Price', 'Title'];

Here are a few examples from the readme of queries and operations you can expect using this package:

// Get all models
$products = ProductCatalog::scan();
// or
$products = ProductCatalog::all();
// Paginated
$products = ProductCatalog::limit(5)->scan();
// Creating a user
$user = User::create([
'email' => '',
// Sort key. If we don't specify this,
// sortKeyDefault will be used.
'type' => 'profile',
// Instantiate a model and then save.
$user = new User([
'email' => '',
'type' => 'profile'
// Update an existing model
'name' => 'foobar'

This package includes more advanced usage of Dynamo, including a query builder that you can use without models (and outside of Laravel too). Also, the query builder supports things such as Condition Expressions. For example:

->condition('Id', 'attribute_not_exists')
->orCondition('Price', 'attribute_not_exists')

Here's an example of filter expressions, which can filter results with expressions before results are returned from the database:

$response = DB::table('Thread')
->filter('LastPostedBy', '=', 'User A')
// orFilter()
$response = DB::table('Thread')
->filter('LastPostedBy', '=', 'User A')
->orFilter('LastPostedBy', '=', 'User B')
// filterIn
$response = DB::table('Thread')
->filterIn('LastPostedBy', ['User A', 'User B'])
// filterBetween
$response = DB::table('ProductCatalog')
->filterBetween('Price', [0, 100])

The Laravel DynamoDB package also has detailed instructions on using a DynamoDB model for user authentication. You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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