Laravel Homestead 11


July 22nd, 2020

Laravel Homestead 11

The Laravel Homestead project released v11.0.0, the next major version of the popular virtual machine for PHP development. Let’s look at what’s new in this release!

Enable or Disable Services

Homestead starts various services by default. However, you can override these defaults and enable/disable services from starting by default. The release notes provide an example of enabling PostgreSQL and disabling MySQL:

- enabled:
- "postgresql@12-main"
- disabled:
- "mysql"

New Default Versions

Homestead 11 ships with the following new default versions:

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • MySQL 8
  • Node v14

Wildcard SSL

You can generate a wildcard certificate for a site you can use the wildcard option in a site’s configuration:

- map: foo.domain.test
to: /home/vagrant/domain
wildcard: "yes"

Learn More

Read the v11.0.0 release notes for complete details on v11. You can see the full diff between v10.0.0 and v11.0.0 on GitHub. Also be sure to check out the Homestead documentation for complete installation and usage instructions.

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