Laravel Identity Documents


August 4th, 2020

Laravel Identity Documents

Laravel Identity Documents is a package to parse machine-readable passports (MRZ) and other documents from images with Laravel. The package then validates the MRZ by check numbers and returns a JSON string with data.

Under the hood, this package uses Google’s Cloud Vision API to do optical character recognition (OCR), which means you’ll need a Google cloud service account to use this package.

Here’s a basic example of how to parse images from the project’s readme:

use werk365\IdentityDocuments\IdentityDocuments;
// Returns a JSON-encoded document

The parse method assumes the request object has front_img and back_img file inputs. The parse method “returns the document type, MRZ, the parsed MRZ, and all raw text found on the images.”

While this package is very new (first commit was two weeks ago at the time of writing), this could be an excellent opportunity to learn more about Google’s Cloud Vision API and serve as a foundation for learning how to implement OCR in a Laravel application.

Learn More

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub at 365Werk/identitydocuments. Also, Google Cloud has a Get started with Vision AI guide to help you begin with the Vision API.

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