Laravel Installer now includes support for Jetstream


September 3rd, 2020


Today the Laravel team released a new major version of “laravel/installer” that includes support for quickly starting Jetstream projects. With this new version when you run “laravel new project-name” you’ll get Jetstream options. For example:

1laravel new foo --jet --dev

Then it’ll ask you which Jetstream you prefer:

1Which Jetstream stack do you prefer?
2 [0] Livewire
3 [1] inertia
4> livewire
6Will your application use teams? (yes/no) [no]:

If you already have the installer installed, to get the version all you should need to run is composer global update but that didn’t work for me. Instead, I had to uninstall then reinstall:

1composer global remove laravel/installer
2composer global require laravel/installer

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