Use Apache Kafka With Laravel


September 21st, 2021

Use Apache Kafka With Laravel

Laravel Kafka is a package for using Apache Kafka producers and consumers in your Laravel app with ease. Using the publishOn method, you can fluently configure and publish message payloads:

use Junges\Kafka\Facades\Kafka;
Kafka::publishOn('broker', 'topic')
->withConfigOption('property-name', 'property-value')
'property-name' => 'property-value'

Here's an example of how you send a message to Kafka via this package in a Laravel app:

use Junges\Kafka\Facades\Kafka;
/** @var \Junges\Kafka\Producers\ProducerBuilder $producer */
$producer = Kafka::publishOn('broker', 'topic')
->withConfigOptions(['key' => 'value'])
->withHeaders(['header-key' => 'header-value']);

And here's an example of subscribing to messages via a consumer:

use Junges\Kafka\Facades\Kafka;
$consumer = Kafka::createConsumer('broker')->subscribe('topic');
// Handler via callback:
$consumer->withHandler(function(\RdKafka\Message $message) {
// Handle your message here
// Invokable handler:
class Handler
public function __invoke(\RdKafka\Message $message){
// Handle your message here

Other features this package provides as found in the readme:

  • Configure max messages to be consumed
  • Configure a Dead letter queue - Wikipedia
  • Configure middleware
  • Kafka::fake() method for faking a Kafka producer in tests
  • Method to enable debugging during development
  • Configurable message payloads

Under-the-hood, this package requires the rdkafka extension, which provides a production-ready, fast Kafka client for PHP. You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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