Laravel Localization Package for Vue


June 11th, 2018

Laravel Localization Package for Vue

“Laravel Localization to Vue” is a new package by Stefan Ninic that converts Laravel localization into a format consumable by JavaScript packages like Lang.js, which is a Laravel translator class in Javascript. The package will help you quickly transform Laravel translations into a format consumable by a Vue.js application.

The example usage from the readme shows multiple ways that the package can be used to get Laravel translations into your frontend JavaScript framework, the first way being a View Composer:

// inside ServiceProvider
// With alias
use ExportLocalization;
View::composer('view.file', function ($view) {
return $view->with([
'messages' => ExportLocalization::export()->toArray(),

The second way is using a configurable route that ships with this package, the default route looks like the following:

let messages = axios.get('http://localhost/js/lang.js')

The setup in your Vue application looks like the following (using the lang.js NPM package):

// Inside blade view
window.default_locale = "{{ config('app.lang') }}";
window.fallback_locale = "{{ config('app.fallback_locale') }}";
window.messages = @json($messages);
// app.js
import Vue from 'vue';
import Lang from 'lang.js';
const default_locale = window.default_language;
const fallback_locale = window.fallback_locale;
const messages = window.messages;
Vue.prototype.trans = new Lang({
locale: default_locale,
fallback: fallback_locale
// Example.vue
<b-input v-model="query"

I was able to sit down for a few minutes with Stefan and ask a few questions about his new localization package:

Laravel News: Can you give us some background on why you wrote this package, what inspired you to do so, or what need did you have?

Stefan: “Each time we need to use Laravel translation files inside JavaScript framework like Vue we need to write custom exporter, there’s no “auto export” of all those files in a format that’s accepted by JavaScript.”

Laravel News: How will this package help Laravel developers with their apps? What problems does it solve and opportunities does it bring?

Stefan: “It can automatically collect all translation files, even those from 3rd party packages from vendor folder and export them to different formats, array, JSON, collection and one special format accepted by Lang.js npm package which is #1 localization package for Vue.”

Laravel News: Can you explain your idea and use-case for the routing feature you mention in the readme?

Stefan: “[The] Routing feature can be used to get the translations from any part of code, even from mobile applications, desktop applications, anything that can issue HTTP request to server.”

Learn More

You can learn more about adding Laravel localization to Vue by checking out the GitHub repository.

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