In Laravel 5.3.17, Model Factories now includes states


October 6th, 2016

In Laravel 5.3.17, Model Factories now includes states

New in Laravel 5.3.17 is an improvement to Model Factories that you allows to define different “states” for a factory.

For example pretend you have a simple faker for creating a User:

$factory->define(App\User::class, function (Faker\Generator $faker) {
return [
'name' => $faker->name,
'email' => $faker->safeEmail,

Now you want to have the ability to define an administrator:

$factory->state(\App\User::class, 'admin', function (\Faker\Generator $faker) {
return [
'is_admin' => 1,

Then a moderator flag:

$factory->state(\App\User::class, 'moderator', function (\Faker\Generator $faker) {
return [
'is_moderator' => 1,

With these three set you can now call them like this:

// Create 5 users
factory(\App\User::class, 5)->create();
// Create 5 Admins
factory(\App\User::class, 5)->states('admin')->create();
// Create 5 Moderators
factory(\App\User::class, 5)->states('moderator')->create();
// Create 5 Admins that are also moderators
factory(\App\User::class, 5)->states('admin', 'moderator')->create();


Also, included with this release is a change to the collection only method:

  • Collection::only() now returns all items if $keys is null (#15695)

Bug Fixes:

  • Added workaround for Memcached 3 on PHP7 when using many() (#15739)
  • Fixed bug in Validator::hydrateFiles() when removing the files array (#15663)
  • Fixed model factory bug when $amount is zero (#15764, #15779)
  • Prevent multiple notifications getting sent out when using the Notification facade (#15789)

The full Laravel changelog is available in the GitHub repo.

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