Advanced State Support for Laravel Models


October 1st, 2019

Advanced State Support for Laravel Models

Laravel Model States is a Spatie package by Brent Roose that adds advanced state support to Laravel models.

For full details on this package, read the official documentation; however, we will provide a few examples from the readme here to give you an idea what this package provides:

Here’s an example from the readme of a Payment model and how you’d define a state for this model using this package:

use Spatie\ModelStates\HasStates;
* @property \App\States\PaymentState state
class Payment extends Model
use HasStates;
protected function registerStates(): void
->addState('state', PaymentState::class)
->allowTransition(Pending::class, Paid::class)
->allowTransition(Pending::class, Failed::class, PendingToFailed::class);

The PaymentState in the example above is defined as follows:

// The abstract PaymentState class
use Spatie\ModelStates\State;
abstract class PaymentState extends State
abstract public function color(): string;
// The "paid" state for the Payment model
class Paid extends PaymentState
public function color(): string
return 'green';

And finally here’s an example of transitioning the state:

$payment = Payment::find(1);
echo $payment->state->color();

According to the package readme, it combines the concepts from the state pattern and state machines—you should be familiar with these concepts before using this package. The video State Pattern – Design Patterns (ep 17) is an excellent resource for understanding the basics of state machines.

To learn more about this package, view the source code on GitHub at spatie/laravel-model-states and read the model states documenation.

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