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October 29th, 2014

This past week I asked subscribers to fill out a brief survey about the newsletter. My hope with that is to improve based on feedback instead of going with my gut feelings. The responses have been fantastic and helped me see some of your pain points.

The most requested feature is to change the “This weeks posts” section so it points to the resource instead of forcing you to go through the site. I recently changed that in the RSS feed and it makes sense to do it here as well. Look for this change in the next issue.

The second most requested feature is to show more context around those links. With the way I’m building the newsletter this is tricky but I’m going to see what I can do to improve that.

The final big request is showing even more resources. One example is pulling in new packages that are released on Packalyst that is not covered on the site. The main reason I don’t cover them, is my time is limited and a lot of times I can’t quickly and easily figure out the package benefits. But it could make sense to have all this weeks releases in it’s own section.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be rolling out further improvements and giving more thought to all the ideas. Of course if you didn’t fill out the survey and have feedback, just get in touch. I want to make this the best resource I can.

Thanks again for all the responses!

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Eric L. Barnes

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