Laravel Nigeria’s First Meetup had over 150 in Attendance

Laravel Nigeria’s First Meetup had over 150 in Attendance

On April 22nd, the Nigerian community held their first Laravel Meetup in Lagos and had over 150 developers in attendance.

Neo Ighodaro said in his event recap post:

One of the goals we set out to achieve was to raise the standards. The meetup trend is very much in its infancy and so there is much to be done. We wanted to be the standard by which all other meetups are measured.

We first started by setting up the meetup page where people could join the community and also where people could RSVP to the meetup page. We started getting people joining almost immediately.

They also recorded the talks and thanks to Pusher they’ll be able to release these and the speaker slide decks are available now.

Being its first meetup and having that many attendees is fantastic. It’s awesome seeing Laravel used all over the world. If you would like to learn more about their future meetings be sure and check out their meetup page.

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