Store Extra Columns as JSON With Laravel Overflow


January 10th, 2020


Laravel Overflow is a package by Logan H. Craft that allows adding an overflow column to a form request. An overflow column contains request values in a JSON or TEXT column in the database.

Defining an overflow column involves using a form request with the package’s Overflowable trait:

use Illuminate\Foundation\Http\FormRequest;
use CraftLogan\LaravelOverflow\Overflowable;

class OverflowFormRequest extends FormRequest
    use Overflowable;
    public $table = 'test_models';
    public $overflow_column = 'properties';

    // ...

The trait provides some methods for separating table columns from database table columns:

// Get JSON-encoded overflow data
$model->properties = $request->overflow();

// Get table columns and overflow in one array

// Get database columns that intersect with $request->all() keys

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub at CraftLogan/Laravel-Overflow.

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