Laravel Package to Work With


December 13th, 2019

Laravel Package to Work With

Laravel Paddle is a package by @pascalbaljet for working with the The package provides a wrapper around the API with built-in support for webhooks and event handling.

The readme has an example of working with the Paddle facade via fluent API and arrays:

// Fluent:
$paddleResponse = Paddle::product()
->passthrough(['team_id' => $team->id])
// Array with payload:
$payload = [
'product_id' => $paddlePlanId,
'customer_email' => $team->owner->email,
'passthrough' => ['team_id' => $team->id],
$paddleResponse = Paddle::product()
return Redirect::to($paddleResponse['url']);

The readme has a list of available API calls for things like products, coupons, subscriptions, checkouts, and alerts. You’ll need to get familiar with the platform to use this package.

Paddle is a payment provider, but they also handle things like taxes and other region-specific taxes. You should check their website out to learn more about all that they offer, but it seems worth checking out if you’re building SaaS products. They simplify SasS billing, subscriptions, payment processing, and fraud detection.

This package requires Laravel 5.8 or 6.x and works with PHP >= 7.2. You can check out this package on GitHub at pascalbaljetmedia/laravel-paddle.

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