Simplifying Service Providers With Laravel Package Tools


January 26th, 2021


Laravel Package Tools is a package by Spatie that provides an opinionated base service provider you can use to streamline the registration of your package’s config files, migrations, commands, and more.

Here’s how to simplify service providers in @laravelphp packages

Spoiler: I released a package for that #laravel

— Freek Van der Herten (@freekmurze) January 25, 2021

I think you’ll agree that this package can streamline common use-cases found in package service providers:

1use Spatie\LaravelPackageTools\PackageServiceProvider;
2use Spatie\LaravelPackageTools\Package;
4class YourPackageServiceProvider extends PackageServiceProvider
6 public function configurePackage(Package $package) : void
7 {
8 $package
9 ->name('your-package-name')
10 ->hasConfigFile()
11 ->hasViews()
12 ->hasTranslations()
13 ->hasMigration('create_package_tables')
14 ->hasCommand(YourCoolPackageCommand::class);
15 }

Spatie also provides a skeleton Laravel package you can use as a template for your next package project. The Laravel skeleton uses the package tools service provider out of the box.

Learn More

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub. At the time of writing, the best place to get documentation is the project’s readme file.

Freek Van der Herten also wrote about Simplifying service providers in Laravel packages, which is an excellent deep-dive of why this package exists and how it can clean up your service providers.

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