Laravel Query Detector

Laravel Query Detector

Laravel Query Detector is a package by Marcel Pociot, which detects N+1 queries. The package will automatically notify you of any N+1 issues when your application is in debug mode.

The package monitors your queries in real-time while you develop your applications and notifies you of issues via a JavaScript alert(). You can also modify the package to send alerts to your Laravel log.

Here’s the default configuration that you can publish and override in your app:


return [
     * Enable or disable the query detection.
     * If this is set to "null", the app.debug config value will be used.
    'enabled' => env('QUERY_DETECTOR_ENABLED', null),

     * Threshold level for the N+1 query detection. If a relation query will be
     * executed more then this amount, the detector will notify you about it.
    'threshold' => 1,

     * Here you can whitelist model relations.
     * Right now, you need to define the model relation both as the class name and the attribute name on the model.
     * So if an "Author" model would have a "posts" relation that points to a "Post" class, you need to add both
     * the "posts" attribute and the "Post::class", since the relation can get resolved in multiple ways.
    'except' => [
        //Author::class => [
        //    Post::class,
        //    'posts',

     * Define the output format that you want to use.
     * Available options are:
     * Alert:
     * Displays an alert on the website
     * \BeyondCode\QueryDetector\Outputs\Alert::class
     * Log:
     * Writes the N+1 queries into the Laravel.log file
     * \BeyondCode\QueryDetector\Outputs\Log::class
    'output' => \BeyondCode\QueryDetector\Outputs\Alert::class,


So for example, if you want to update the configuration to send N+1 alerts to the log, you can update the configuration to the following:

'output' => \BeyondCode\QueryDetector\Outputs\Log::class

You can install this package via composer with:

composer require beyondcode/laravel-query-detector --dev

I’d like to note that this package configuration may change in the future and it looks like the release is a pre-release at the time of writing.

Learn More

You can learn more about this package and view the source code on the GitHub repository.

If you need a refresher or are not familiar with N+1, I wrote Optimize Laravel Eloquent Queries with Eager Loading which explains an overview of N+1, how eager loading can optimize your application, and a hands-on example demonstrating an N+1 query and updating it with eager loading.

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