Create Repeatable Models with Laravel Recurring Models


May 9th, 2023

Create Repeatable Models with Laravel Recurring Models

Sometimes you need data to repeat on a date interval, like a standing calendar appointment, a weekly event, or a payment schedule. The Recurring Models package for Laravel is the ultimate solution for adding recurring functionality to your Laravel Models:

->on(['sunday', 'monday', 'tuesday']);

When you repeat a model, the start date is calculated using a startsAt() method on the model. Or you can specify the start date as follows:


You can also set an end date when the recurring model should stop:


And once you have recurring data, you can retrieve it using the package's provided scopes:

$tasks = Task::whereOccurresOn(
// Between
$tasks = Task::whereOccurresBetween(

This new package could serve as an excellent inspiration for simplifying models that need repeating with dates. To get started with this package, check out the source code. on GitHub.

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