Manage Application Redirects with the Laravel Redirection Package


April 21st, 2022

Manage Application Redirects with the Laravel Redirection Package

Laravel Redirection is a Laravel +8 package to manage URL redirections inside your Laravel application. It's capable of using different data sources to store redirects and allows better SEO support for your application.

The Redirection package supports a config and database driver out of the box, and you can create a custom driver to fit your needs. You could provide a UI to add and manage redirects for your applications using the database driver, for example.

If you need to enhance the model provided by this package, you can extend the package's model and configure the package to use the extended model:

1namespace App\Models;
3use SiroDiaz\Redirection\Models\Redirection;
5class Redirect extends Redirection
7 /* ... */

To get started with this package, you can use the config driver to test and add redirects to the published config quickly:

1return [
2 // ...
3 'urls' => [
4 '/old/url' => '/new/url',
5 '/another/old/url' => '/another/new/url',
6 '/url/with?id=123' => '/url/with/123',
7 ],

You can also specify which type of redirect status code a match should use:

1return [
2 'urls' => [
3 '/old/url' => ['new_url' => '/new/url', 'status_code' => 302],
4 '/another/old/url' => '/another/new/url',
5 '/url/with?id=123' => ['new_url' => '/url/with/123'],
6 ],

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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