Laravel Rocket Chat Notifications


April 19th, 2022

Laravel Rocket Chat Notifications

Laravel Rocket Chat Notifications is a package that makes it easy to send notifications using RocketChat with Laravel 9+:

use Illuminate\Notifications\Notification;
use TeamNiftyGmbh\RocketChatNotifications\Channels\RocketChatNotificationChannel;
use TeamNiftyGmbh\RocketChatNotifications\Messages\RocketChatMessage;
class TaskCompleted extends Notification
public function via(mixed $notifiable): array
return [
public function toRocketChat($notifiable): RocketChatMessage
return RocketChatMessage::create('Test Message');

The RocketChatMessage class has convenient methods to formulate your RocketChat messages. Here's an example of a few of them, including adding an attachment:

public function toRocketChat($notifiable)
return RocketChatMessage::create('Test message')
// optional if set in config
// optional if set in config
->from('access_token', 'rocket_chat_user_id')
'image_url' => 'test'
new RocketChatAttachment(['image_url' => 'test']),
// Or via array
'image_url' => 'test'

For a complete list of everything, you can do to format a message, check out the available methods in the readme.

Rocket.Chat is a communication platform with private chats, team chats, etc. and includes pricing options for the SaaS product and self-managed installations. You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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