Laravel SaaS Template: Tenancy Boilerplate 2.0


February 21st, 2022

Laravel SaaS Template: Tenancy Boilerplate 2.0

In 2020, we have launched Tenancy for Laravel v3 as well as the first version of our premium SaaS boilerplate.

This year, we’ll be releasing v4 of the package, again paired with a new SaaS boilerplate version.

Tenancy for Laravel

The main features of our tenancy package are:

  • Automatic tenancy: the app context is switched in the background, requiring virtually no application code to be manually adjusted for the scoping
  • Single/multi-database tenancy: you can use either architecture (multi-DB is recommended)
  • Tenant identification: out of the box, tenants can be identified using domains, subdomains, route paths, HTTP headers or request data
  • Event-based architecture: the package is structured in atomic units that are connected using events

Version 4

In the next few months, version 4 will be released. Highlighted changes include:

  • Routing improvements: support for route model binding, controller constructor DI
  • Jetstream support: improvement of the tenancy lifecycle to support packages like Jetstream
  • Documentation improvements: the documentation will be rewritten from scratch to include more direct real-world examples

SaaS boilerplate

The SaaS boilerplate is the premium version of the open-source package. It’s an application skeleton on top of which you can build your SaaS — with all the multi-tenancy logic already implemented.

Version 1

The current version of our boilerplate includes:

  • Tenant sign-up flow: asynchronous (queued) tenant database creation and automatic login into the new admin account
  • Cashier billing: Livewire-powered UI for Laravel Cashier. Tenants are billable entities
  • Nova admin panel: a central admin panel for managing tenants, and a tenant-specific admin panel for managing resources inside their database
  • Domain management: tenants can have multiple domains, with full HTTPS support using CNAMEs
  • Tenant-aware test suite: real-world test suite set up for the tenant part of the application

Version 2

The second generation of the multi-tenant SaaS template will include:

  • Jetstream core: user profile & team functionality out of the box
  • Much faster tests: we’ll use a more efficient approach for running tests in the tenant environment
  • More integrations with webserver providers (for HTTPS certificates)
  • New, better, custom admin panel based on Lean Admin
  • Improved UI & UX
  • Improved billing, possibly with Spark support
  • Tailwind CSS 3.0

To get notified when the new boilerplate is released, join our waiting list. People on the list will be able to purchase the boilerplate at a discount.

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