Support for Bun lands in Laravel Sail and Forge


September 12th, 2023

Support for Bun lands in Laravel Sail and Forge

Both Laravel Sail and Laravel Forge now includes support for Bun, a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime. Once you update Sail, you can start Bun as follows:

sail bun run ... # Run a `bun` command
sail bunx ... # Run a `bunx` command

Bun is a new all-in-one toolkit for JavaScript and TypeScript apps that ships with a single executable, aptly named bun. Like npx, the bunx runs an NPM package executable and automatically installs the package to a global shared cache if not installed in node_modules.

Let's look at how we can use bun with Sail or any Laravel project.

Using Bun in Your Laravel Project

To start using Bun with Laravel, you'll first want to remove the existing package-lock file. For example, if you're using npm, you'll want to run the following:

# Remove package-lock.json
git rm package-lock.json
git commit -m"Remove package-lock.json" package-lock.json
# Install dependencies with bun
sail bun install
[1.30ms] ".env"
bun install v1.0.0 (822a00c4)
Checked 20 installs across 43 packages (no changes) [41.00ms]

After the bun install succeeds, you can version the lock file:

git add bun.lockb
git commit -m"Install Bun" bun.lockb

Install Packages with Bun

You can also use the bun install command to add new dependencies. Let's say you want to install the laravel-precognition-vue package with Laravel Precognition:

$ sail bun install laravel-precognition-vue
[1.05ms] ".env"
bun add v1.0.0 (822a00c4)
installed laravel-precognition-vue@0.5.1
9 packages installed [1.57s]

The build and dev command with Vite

You can use bun to run the build command that builds Vite dependencies for production:

$ sail bun run build
$ vite build
vite v4.4.9 building for production...
✓ 46 modules transformed.
public/build/manifest.json 0.25 kB │ gzip: 0.13 kB
public/build/assets/app-4ed993c7.js 0.00 kB │ gzip: 0.02 kB
public/build/assets/app-dbe23e4c.js 29.10 kB │ gzip: 11.64 kB
✓ built in 1.07s

For your development workflow, you can run the dev command the same way:

sail bun run dev

Updating Sail

To get the latest version of Laravel Sail in your existing application, update Sail via composer:

composer update larvel/sail
git add composer.lock
git commit -m"Update sail" composer.json
# Build the latest Docker images
sail down
sail build --pull
sail up -d

Once you've built the latest version of Sail, you can verify that bun is installed with the following:

sail bun --version

Hat tip to Dmytro Morozov, who contributed Bun support! See laravel/sail Pull Request #616 for more details.

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