Laravel Scout V9 Adds MeiliSearch


April 28th, 2021

Laravel Scout V9 Adds MeiliSearch

The Laravel team released the next major version (v9.0.0) of Laravel Scout with support for the open-source search API MeiliSearch.

One of the most attractive things about MeiliSearch is that it's a fast, open-source search engine built with Rust and is easy to deploy. Here are the main features mentioned on the project's readme:

  • Search as-you-type experience (answers < 50 milliseconds)
  • Full-text search
  • Typo tolerant (understands typos and miss-spelling)
  • Faceted search and filters
  • Supports Kanji characters
  • Supports Synonym
  • Easy to install, deploy, and maintain
  • Whole documents are returned
  • Highly customizable
  • RESTful API

The Laravel Scout integration means you can use MeiliSearch seamlessly via the familiar Scout API by configuring the plugin to use the meilisearch driver and installing the MeiliSearch SDK.

Here are a few ways you can install the search engine locally for macOS users and a Docker version if you want to try this out on other platforms:

# Via Homebrew on macOS
brew update && brew install meilisearch
# Via Docker
docker run -p 7700:7700 -v "$(pwd)/" getmeili/meilisearch

Check the Installation documentation for your specific platform. Still, the ease of getting an instance of MeiliSearch running is very attractive to lowering the barrier of entry to start tinkering with Scout.

With the release of V9, Laravel Scout now supports Algolia, MeiliSearch, and any other service you might want by writing a custom engine.

You can learn more about the Laravel Scout v9 package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub. The Scout v9 documentation will be available soon, be sure to check out the Laravel Scout documentation for details on setting up Laravel Scout in your project.




  • Drop support for old Laravel versions and PHP 7.2 (#459)


  • Fixes pagination count when Laravel\Scout\Builder contains custom query callback (#469)

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