Laravel Shared Data Package


January 17th, 2020


Share data from your backend in JavaScript with Laravel Shared Data by Coderello. The API for this package is simple:

// Facade
    'post' => Post::first(),
    'app' => [
        'name' => config(''),
        'environment' => config('app.env'),

// Helper
    'post' => Post::first(),
    'app' => [
        'name' => config(''),
        'environment' => config('app.env'),

Which outputs data to JavaScript:

window.sharedData = {
    post: {
        content: "...",
        created_at: "...",
        // ...
    app: { /* ... */ }

To output the configured JavaScript, add the @shared directive to your views:


If you want to configure the JavaScript object, you can publish and change the configuration:


return ['js_namespace' => 'myCustomObjectName'];

This package has documentation available to help you get started, and you can view the source code on GitHub at coderello/laravel-shared-data.

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