Laravel Shift Blueprint

Laravel Shift Blueprint

Laravel Shift Blueprint is a code generation tool for Laravel developers by Jason McCreary:

Blueprint is an open-source tool for rapidly generating multiple Laravel components from a single, human-readable definition.

Blueprint works by using a draft file (YAML) that contains definitions of the components it should generate. The readme provides an example draft.yml file in the root of a Laravel v6.x project:

    title: string:400
    content: longtext
    published_at: nullable timestamp

      query: all
      render: post.index with:posts

      validate: title, content
      save: post
      send: ReviewNotification with:post
      dispatch: SyncMedia with:post
      fire: NewPost with:post
      flash: post.title
      redirect: post.index

The draft file produces a Post model with fillable fields, attribute casts, dates, and relationships. For a full list of examples, be sure to check out the project’s readme.

The quickest way to understand what Blueprint is all about is watching this Building Blueprint demo:

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub at laravel-shift/blueprint.

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