Laravel Spark Next is Here


February 16th, 2021

Laravel Spark Next is Here

The next version of Laravel Spark is now available and is one of the most significant updates yet. Some of the features include Paddle support, an isolated billing portal you can set up in ten minutes, and more.

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Isolated Billing Portal

The latest Laravel Spark version provides a turnkey billing portal to handle user subscriptions using your choice of Stripe or Paddle, PayPal. Users can fully manage their subscription with options for monthly, annual, and a per-seat basis. Since Spark is isolated from the rest of your app, it does not lock in what technologies you'll use to build your SaaS application. Spark being an isolated billing portal also means upgrades are a cinch since Spark doesn't interfere with your application code.

Stripe, Paddle, and PayPal Support

Developers can choose from Stripe (which was previously available with Spark classic) and now Paddle. Both options also include support for PayPal as a payment provider.

Paddle functions as the merchant of record and offer service in virtually every country in the world. Paddle can also handle VAT for you, so you don't have to worry about it.

Handle Invoices

Spark allows your customers to download PDF invoices and handle emailing your customers monthly or annually with billing reminders.

Set Up Subscriptions with Easy Configuration

You can quickly set up available subscriptions with a PHP configuration file. Once you configure your offerings, Spark is ready for subscribers via the billing portal.


Spark is available for purchase starting at $99 per project and $199 for unlimited projects, meaning you can use Spark on as many SaaS applications as you want for $199. Both prices include one year of updates—be sure to check out the licensing for details.

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