Laravel Sticker Contest 2018


August 20th, 2018

Laravel Sticker Contest 2018

Caleb Porzio is running a sticker contest sponsored by Hoefler & Co and Sticker Mule!


Announcing: Laravel Sticker Contest 2018 ????

Anyone and everyone with stickers on their laptop can/should enter to win some sweet stuffs or just to have fun!

Head over to for deets

Thanks to @stickermule & @HoeflerCo for sponsoring.


— Caleb Porzio (@calebporzio) August 20, 2018

You can finally get that real-deal awesome Operator Mono font instead of those other imposters like Fira Code ;) You enter by sharing your photo on Twitter with the #laravelstickercontest2018 hashtag. Anyone and their dog can vote, starting on Monday, August 27th and the winner announcement is Friday, August 31st.

You can get all the details on

Good luck!

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