Write Shell Scripts like Blade Components With Task Runner


May 11th, 2023

Write Shell Scripts like Blade Components With Task Runner

Task Runner for Laravel is a package by Pascal Baljet that lets you write Shell scripts like Blade Components and run them locally or on a remote server:

{{-- resources/views/tasks/deploy-app.blade.php --}}
cd /var/www/html
git pull origin {{ $branch }}
php artisan migrate --database={{ $databaseConnection() }}

Given the conventions in this package, the above template would have an accompanying Task class:

use ProtoneMedia\LaravelTaskRunner\Task;
class DeployApp extends Task
public function __construct(public string $branch) { }
public function databaseConnection()
return 'mysql';

You might have noticed that the databaseConnection() public method is available as callable in the template. All public methods are available in task blade templates.

If you want to trigger the above task, you can use the package's dispatch() method, which will run it locally. You can also dispatch tasks in the background and also run them on a remote server:

$output = DeployApp::dispatch();
$output = DeployApp::inBackgronud()
// API of the task result
// returns the buffer as an array

This package also has excellent testing helpers, which you can read about in the Documentation. You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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