Laravel User Messenger


November 25th, 2014

Chris Gmyr has a new Laravel package that allows you to easily integrate a user messaging system:

This package will allow you to add simple messaging capabilities to your users. You can either use this for open communication where all users can view all threads, or you can lock down the threads to only show the ones that the user is a participant in. When adding a new message, you are able to loop in other users not on the thread so they can participate too.

Common Uses

  • Open threads (everyone can see everything)
  • Group messaging (only participants can see their threads)
  • One to one messaging (private or direct thread)

Features Include

  • Multiple conversations per user
  • Optionally loop in additional users with each new message
  • View the last message for each thread available
  • Returns either all messages in the system, all messages associated to the user, or all message associated to the user with new/unread messages
  • Return the users unread message count easily
  • Very flexible usage so you can implement your own acess control

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