Laravel v5.3.25 is released

Laravel v5.3.25 is released

Laravel has released v5.3.25 which includes two new validation rules, the ability to set the file permissions in the Filesystem, and a fluent builder for SlackMessageAttachmentField.

New validation rules

The two new validation rules included in v5.3.25 is a before_or_equal and after_or_equal which allows you to verify a date against a known value. Here is an example of validating a birthday is for someone over the age of 21:

$this->validate($request, [
    'birthday' => 'required|date|before_or_equal:1995-11-30',

Then the opposite if you want to verify someone is under eighteen:

$this->validate($request, [
    'birthday' => 'date|after_or_equal:1998-11-30',

Filesystem File Permissions

The Filesystem now includes the ability to get or set the permissions of a file:

$filesystem->chmod('file.txt'); // returns the chmod
$filesystem->chmod('file.txt', 0777); // chmod 777 file.txt

SlackMessageAttachmentField Fluent Attachments

Slack supports longer form attachments and previously Laravel defaulted to the “short” style. With this new feature you can define all the fields that Slack allows:

return (new SlackMessage)
    ->attachment(function ($attachment) {
            ->title('Laravel', '')
            ->content('Attachment Content')

            //build up an attachment field
            ->field(function($attachmentField) {
                    ->title('Special powers')

            //manually add one
            ->field('Project', 'Laravel')

Additional Changes and Bug Fixes

There are a few more changes and fixes included in this release and you can read the full change log from GitHub. To grab the latest version just run composer update

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