Laravel v5.4.18 is now released

Laravel v5.4.18 is now released

Laravel V5.4.18 is now released and available. This is a maintenance release but it does include a few new features to the TestResponse, Validator, Artisan, and Mailer.

Test Response

The TestResponse received a few new methods:


The assertSeeText() and assertDontSeeText() look for text within HTML responses, but run a strip_tags over the results so the match is less strict. Here is an example:

// <h1>My <span>Title</span></h1>
$response->assertSeeText('My Title');

The assertJsonMissing() can be used to test that a response does not contain a given fragment, and the assertSuccessful() tests that the status code is 2xx.

Nested Model Controllers

Now you can pass a parent flag to make:controller which will create a parent model:

$ php artisan make:controller ClientDocumentController --parent=App/Client --resource

A App\Client model does not exist. Do you want to generate it? (yes/no) [yes]:
> yes

Model created successfully.
Controller created successfully.

For a complete list of changes in this release see the changelog below:

v5.4.18 Changelog


  • Added assertSuccessful() and assertRedirect() to TestResponse (#18629)
  • Added assertSeeText() and assertDontSeeText() to TestResponse (#18690)
  • Added assertJsonMissing() to TestResponse (#18721, 786b782)
  • Added support for attaching an image to Slack attachments $attachment->image($url)(#18664)
  • Added Validator::extendDependent() to allow adding custom rules that depend on other fields (#18654)
  • Added support for --parent option on make:controller (#18606)
  • Added MessageSent event to Mailer (#18744, 6c5f3a4)


  • Don’t trim leading slashes on local filesystem base URLs (acd66fe)
  • Accept variable on @empty() directive (#18738)
  • Added string validation rules to AuthenticatesUsers (#18746)


  • Fixed an issue with Collection::groupBy() when the provided value is a boolean (#18674)
  • Bring back an old behaviour in resolving controller method dependencies (#18646)
  • Fixed job release when exception occurs (#18737)
  • Fixed eloquent increment() and decrement() update attributes (#18739, 1728a88)

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