Laravel v5.4.24 Is Now Released

Laravel v5.4.24 Is Now Released

Laravel 5.4.24 is now released and available for all. This release adds support for magic controller methods, a Request::routeIs() method and more.

Check the full change log below and run composer update to get the latest version.

v5.4.24 Changelog


  • Support magic controller methods (#19168)
  • Added Gate resources (#19124)
  • Added Request::routeIs() method (#19202, 26681eb)
  • Route Route::isName() shorthand method (#19227)
  • Added support for custom columns in softDeletes() method (#19203)
  • Added ManagesLayouts::getSection() method (#19213)
  • Added Model::refresh() shorthand (#19174)
  • Added Container::forgetExtenders() method (#19269, 7c17bf5)
  • Added Filesystem::hash() method (#19256)
  • Added TestResponse::assertViewIs() method (#19291)
  • Added path to Paginator (#19314)
  • Added Collection::concat() method (#19318, 0f5337f)
  • Added make() method to HasOneOrMany and MorphOneOrMany relations (#19307)
  • Added str_after() helper function (#19357)
  • Added Router::apiResource() method (#19347)


  • Move $sizeRules and $numericRules properties from FormatsMessages to Validator (dc7e7cb)
  • Allows calls to Collection::times() without the $callback parameter (#19278)
  • Don’t ignore jobs with a timeout of 0 (#19266)
  • Resolve database paginators from the container (#19328)
  • Added news to Pluralizer::$uncountable() (#19353)
  • Switched to using app()->getLocale() in app.stub (#19405)


  • Fixed Container::makeWith() not using parameters when resolving interfaces (#19178)
  • Stop validating Memcached connection (#19192)
  • Fixed the position of bound() in Container::instance() (#19207)
  • Prevent applying global scopes on the factory while setting the connection (#19258)
  • Fixed database connection issue in queue worker (#19263)
  • Don’t use HTML comments in notification email template (#19289)
  • Fire rebinding callback when using bind() method to bind abstract (#19288)
  • Return 0 from callScope() if $query->wheres is null (#19381)

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