Laravel v5.5.20 Released


November 8th, 2017

Laravel v5.5.20 was tagged yesterday with some testing assertions, route updates, and Blueprint time precision. Multiple changes and fixes were also merged, see the full release notes for details.

Among the new features, some TestResponse methods were added for convenience around validation and asserting JSON responses:

The assertJsonMissingExact() method, related to the assertJsonMissing() method, fails when all of the JSON attributes exist in the response.

For example, the following assertion will fail because the created attribute matches the response, even though the assertion is clearly for a different record:

  "data": [
      "name": "Example User",
      "created": "2017-11-07"

// Fails because the `created` attribute matches
    'name' => 'Missing User',
    'created' => '2017-11-07'

The assertJsonMissingExact() can help with this scenario:

// Passes because not ALL attributes are a match
    'name' => 'Missing User',
    'created' => '2017-11-07'

The assertValidationErrors() method helps assert that given keys are in the errors key of a JSON response with validation errors:

$response->assertValidationErrors(['firstName', 'lastName']);

The assertJsonCount() method can help you assert how many items exist in a JSON array:

  "data": [
    {"name": "Example User", "email": ""},
    {"name": "Example User 2", "email": ""}

$response->assertJsonCount(2, 'data');

The fluent Route::middleware method now supports variadic arguments:

Route::middleware(Middleware::class, Middleware2::class)
    ->get('one', function () {
        return 'Hello World';

Here’s the full list of additions, changes, and fixes:

v5.5.20 (2017-11-07)


  • Added TestResponse::assertJsonMissingExact() (#21881)
  • Added assertValidationErrors() and assertJsonCount() to TestResponse (#21917)
  • Added allOnQueue() and allOnConnection() for job chaining (#21765)
  • Support variadic arguments on fluent Route::middleware() (#21930)
  • Added precision to Blueprint::time() (#21936)
  • Added Router::apiResources() method (#21956)
  • Support graceful handling of SIGTERM in queue workers (#21964)


  • Added “kin” as an uncountable word (#21843)
  • Improved geo spatial support (#21919)
  • Include job name in the MaxAttemptsExcededException (#21941, #21943)
  • Support rendering multiple @verbatim and @php blocks (#21900)
  • Moved InteractsWithRedis to Illuminate\Foundation\Testing (#21967)
  • Don’t bind macro when it is not a Closure (#21980)
  • Check for before() method on policies classes (#21989)
  • Detect lost pgbouncer connections (#21988)


  • Fixed BroadcastController namespace issue (#21844)
  • Fixed eager loading HasManyThrough relations with custom intermediate and local key (#21902)
  • Use table aliases when calling self-referencing HasManyThrough relation (#21883)
  • Fixed Vue component file name in React present (#21945)
  • Reverted changes to BadMethodException in #20196 (#21929)

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