Laravel V6.6.0 is now released


November 28th, 2019

Laravel V6.6.0 is now released

The Laravel team released v6.6.0 this week and it contains mostly changes and fixes.

One of the new additions is the ResponseFactory::view() can now return the first view. This will allow things like this:

return response()->view(['my/view1', 'my/view2'], ['data'], 404, ['headers']);

To learn move about Laravel’s view first and how you might use it in your apps, check out our tutorial.

Another new feature is assertDeleted for database testing. This allows you to simplify the following code:

$this->assertDatabaseMissing('posts', [
'id' => $post->id

To this:


For the full changelog and to see all the new features check the changelog below.


  • Allowed explicit Model definitions in database rules (#30653, 9beceac)
  • Allowed ResponseFactory::view() to return first view (#30651)
  • Added Foundation\Testing\Concerns\InteractsWithDatabase::assertDeleted() method (#30648)
  • Added Illuminate\Routing\Router::head() (#30646)
  • Added wherePivotNotIn() and orWherePivotNotIn() methods to BelongsToMany (#30671)
  • Added options in SqlServerConnector to encrypt data with Azure Key vault (#30636)


  • Fixed errors in Illuminate\Http\Testing\FileFactory::create() (#30632)
  • Fixed routing bug that causes missing parameters to be ignored (#30659)


  • Updated error message in PhpRedisConnector::createClient() if redis extension is not loaded (#30673, 184a0f4)
  • Updated windows_os() helper to use PHP_OS_FAMILY (#30660)

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