Laravel Valet Lite


October 6th, 2020


David Hemphill is working on Valet Lite, dubbed as “the easiest local development platform for macOS.” It touts a GUI for managing local development servers with all the dependencies built-in. No more managing Homebrew and multiple PHP versions on your Mac.

Its main features at launch (more on that in a second) will include:

  • No need for Homebrew (Valet Lite handles the webserver and PHP for you)
  • Serves Laravel and WordPress projects
  • Comes with multiple PHP versions bundled
  • Intelligently handles choosing ports for your servers
  • Serves all sites with SSL by default
  • Automatically serves your sites at .test domains
  • Supports Dark Mode (of course!)

Valet Lite isn’t quite available yet, but if you’d like to get the most up-to-date info and a beta invite, sign up for the Valet Lite Beta Insiders newsletter. I know I’m excited to see what David has in store for Laravel and PHP developers!

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Paul Redmond

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