Laravel Validator Object-Oriented Wrapper

Laravel Validator Object-Oriented Wrapper

The Laravel Validator object-oriented wrapper package by Krzysztof Rewak provides a map of all string rules into chained methods. The builder helps you write object-oriented style rules that translate back into their string counterparts:

$validator = new ValidationBuilder();
$validator->validate("email", function (Field $field): void {

// ["email" => "string|required|email:rfc]

Here’s an example of nested validation rules:

$validator = new ValidationBuilder();
$validator->validateEach("tags", function (Field $field): void {
$validator->validateInEach("id", "tags", function (Field $field): void {
    $field->required()->exists("tags", "id");

// ["tags.*:" => "array", "tags.*.id:" => "required|exists:tags,id"]

And finally, you can also use the builder in form requests:

 * @return array
public function rules(): array
    $this->builder->validate("email", function (Field $field): void {
        $field->required()->string()->email()->unique("users", "email");
    $this->builder->validate("password", function (Field $field): void {

    return $this->builder->getRules();

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub at krzysztofrewak/laravel-oop-validator.

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