Count Models With the Laravel Visits Package


July 19th, 2018

Count Models With the Laravel Visits Package

Laravel Visits is a package by Bader Almutairi for attaching counters to any model to track visits with tags. The main features this package provides, include the following:

  • A model item can have many types of recorded visits (using tags).
  • It’s not limited to one kind of Model (like some packages that allow only User model).
  • Record per visitors and not by visits using IP detecting, so even with refresh visit won’t duplicate (can be changed from config).
  • Get Top/Lowest visits per a model.
  • Get most visited countries …
  • Get visits per a period like a month of a year of an item or model.

Counting Models

The basic usage for counting models includes the following methods for incrementing and decrementing among others:

// More than one
// More than one
// Only increment once every 30 seconds based on user's IP

Getting Data

Once you’ve collected counter data for your model, you can retrieve and filter results with the following:

// With the model class

You can also collect other interesting data about country and referrer if you want a quick analytics tool for tracking models:

// Referrers of visitors

The geo data for the country functionality is provided through the Torann/laravel-geoip package.

Integration with Eloquent

You can integrate this package directly into your Eloquent model by defining a method like visits:

public function visits()
return visits($this);

And then performing calls on the visits object:

$post = Post::find(1);

Learn More

To view the full readme, including installation instructions and source code, check this package out on the GitHub repo awssat/laravel-visits. Great work Bader!

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