Laravel Events No Longer Requires Images


November 1st, 2019

Laravel Events No Longer Requires Images

Last year, I launched a new site Laravel Events with the goal of allowing the community to submit their conferences and meetup events, and then it would appear on the home page of Laravel News and in the weekly Laravel Newsletter.

One of the original goals was to have an image with each event, and this quickly became a bottleneck as I was spending too much time creating them for events that didn’t have one. By the time I created one, the event had already passed. So to help combat this, Jason Beggs graciously submitted a PR to remove the image requirement. Now you can quickly add your meetup or conference, and the approval should be much faster.

If you have any other ideas or advice for that site or how we can help you market your meetup groups, let us know.

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Eric L. Barnes

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