LaRecipe: Documentation with Markdown in Your Laravel Projects


September 10th, 2018

LaRecipe: Documentation with Markdown in Your Laravel Projects

LaRecipe is a code-driven package created by Saleem Hadad that provides an easy way to create beautiful documentation for your product or application inside your Laravel app using Markdown.

To get started in your project, you need to install it via composer and run the setup command to publish the necessary assets and configuration:

php artisan larecipe:install

Out of the box, LaRecipe put’s your documentation at the /docs URL, and you can version control your documentation alongside your application. The folder structure of a typical installation looks like this:

├─ config
│ └─ larecipe.php
└─ resources
└─ docs
│─ 1.0
│ │─
│ └─
└─ 2.0

The above example would have routes to /docs/1.0 and /docs/2.0. You can customize the base route, path to the documentation files, and the landing page. For example, configuring the landing configuration option to overview would map to

You can also configure the default version, and control published versions of the documentation:

return [
'versions' => [
'default' => '1.0',
'published' => [

LaRecipe includes other configurations that you can learn about in the documentation and from the PHP configuration file.

LaRecipe converts your markdown documents into HTML, with optional Vue component support. You can read about Vue component support in the documentation. Out of the box, it includes Vue components for Cards, Buttons, Badges, and Progress.

You can get started with LaRecipe by reading through the LaRecipe documentation. The source code is also available at saleem-hadad/larecipe on GitHub.

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