Manage Laravel Assets in Cloud with Lasso

Manage Laravel Assets in Cloud with Lasso

Lasso is a Laravel package by Sam Carré, which aims to make your development life easier by compiling and storing your Webpack assets in the cloud.

Here are the main features Lasso provides:

  • Automatic compiling and uploading of assets from your local machine or CI server
  • Pulling assets from the cloud to your server during deployment
  • Automatically cleans up old builds in the cloud (configurable max bundles)
  • Webhook support when bundles are published and pulled successfully
  • Automatically commit and push lasso-bundle.json to git after running the lasso:push artisan command
  • Assets are integrity checked on every deployment
  • No more versioning of assets leading to merge conflicts

You can learn more about Lasso on the official website. You can view the source code on GitHub at Sammyjo20/Lasso.

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