Learn about GitHub Actions and Unconventional Autoloaders in tomorrow’s Laravel Worldwide Meetup


October 26th, 2020


The next Laravel Worldwide Meetup is coming tomorrow, at 19:00 UTC, and you’ll be able to watch it live on the YouTube Channel. The speakers are as follows:

Ryan Chandler – GitHub Actions for Laravel Developers

Are you currently using a third-party tool like Travis or Circle for your CI/CD? Do you want to move to GitHub Actions so that you can keep it all under one tree? Do you even know what GitHub Actions is? In this talk, I’ll be going through the basics of GitHub Actions and showing you, live, how to get your first Laravel application’s workflow running on the platform.

Liam Hammett – Unconventional Autoloaders

We use autoloaders in PHP all the time, but if you change your mindset a little, you’ll find they can do a lot more than you might’ve thought. We’ll be taking a look at using some unconventional techniques, we can use autoloaders to take PHP a step further, introducing interesting and exciting new functionality PHP natively doesn’t support.

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