Lightweight Permissions for Laravel with Ladder


August 22nd, 2023

Lightweight Permissions for Laravel with Ladder

Ladder is a package by Enea Dhiamandi that provides feather-light permissions for Laravel. It simplifies role and permission management by avoiding storing everything in the database. Inspired by Jestream, it offers a static approach that reduces queries and ensures immutability for easy modifications.

Using the provided HasRoles trait, you can access methods to manage user roles and permissions:

use Ladder\HasRoles;
class User extends Authenticatable
use HasRoles;
// Determine if the user has a role
$user->hasRole(string $role): bool
// Permissions for a given role
$user->rolePermissions(string $role): ?array
// Determine if the user role has a given permission...
$user->hasRolePermission(string $role, string $permission) : bool
// Determine if the user has given permission...
$user->hasPermission(string $permission) : bool

To manage roles, you can use the user model's roles() association to create a role for the user. Then, you can check for granular permissions using the hasPermission() method:

$user->roles()->updateOrCreate(['role' => 'admin']);

To get started with this package in your Laravel project, you can install it via composer and artisan. It includes a database migration for roles, so you'll need to migrate the DB as well:

composer require eneadm/ladder
php artisan ladder:install
php artisan migrate

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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