Livestream: Building your first Laravel Application


March 18th, 2023

Livestream: Building your first Laravel Application

Sometimes we need to go back to basics, so looking back at building your first Laravel Application is something that shouldn't be overlooked.

This livestream goes through how to install and set up your Laravel application using Laravel Sail, then how we can use routes and controllers to control the URLs and how they work. We also go through blade views and view components, looking at how we can create our user interface. Then looking at eloquent, so we can set up models, model factories and database seeders so that we are able to store data in a database and create test data for our application.

All of this uses PestPHP for testing, so that from the beginning we know everything is going to work.

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Steve McDougall

Technical writer at Laravel News, Developer Advocate at Treblle. API specialist, veteran PHP/Laravel engineer. YouTube livestreamer.