Create Tables for Your Models with Livewire Tables


September 7th, 2023

Create Tables for Your Models with Livewire Tables

The Livewire Tables package brings dynamic tables for models to Laravel Livewire. These are some of the highlights which you will get out of the box:

  • Selection of the columns you wish to see
  • Apply multiple filters at the same time
  • Perform actions on the selected records
  • Works perfectly with the SoftDeletes trait
  • Search columns individually
  • Multiple column types supported
  • Dark mode support
  • 100% code coverage

It works by creating your table component that extends from the base LivewireTable component like the following example:

namespace App\Livewire;
use RamonRietdijk\LivewireTables\Livewire\LivewireTable;
class BlogTable extends LivewireTable
protected string $model = Blog::class;

Without repeating the documentation, here's an example of how you can map table columns to a model column:

// Normal column
Column::make(__('Name'), 'name'),
// A boolean column
BooleanColumn::make(__('Published'), 'published'),
// A date-based column
DateColumn::make(__('Created At'), 'created_at')
->format('d m Y'),

There are various other types of columns that you can reference in the Columns documentation. Besides columns, you can also define filters, column actions, and more.

To render a table component like we have in our example, you can write the following:


You can start with this package by checking out the Documentation, starting with the Introduction to Livewire Tables. There's also a demo available if you want to see it in action before you dive in! Lastly, you can see the source code on GitHub at ramonrietdijk/livewire-tables.

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