Email Scheduler Package for Laravel


August 18th, 2022

Email Scheduler Package for Laravel

The Mailator package is an email scheduler for Laravel. It provides a lightweight package around configuring email schedules and templates based on application events:

use Binarcode\LaravelMailator\Tests\Fixtures\InvoiceReminderMailable;
use Binarcode\LaravelMailator\Tests\Fixtures\SerializedConditionCondition;
Binarcode\LaravelMailator\Scheduler::init('Invoice reminder.')
->mailable(new InvoiceReminderMailable($invoice))
->recipients('', '')
->constraint(new SerializedConditionCondition($invoice))

The above example takes a Mailable instance, recipients, a set of sending constraints that must evaluate to true, and the ability to schedule the email send "three days before the due date."

Apart from the above constraint() method, you can implement the package's Constraintable interface:

use Binarcode\LaravelMailator\Constraints\Constraintable;
class InvoiceReminderMailable extends Mailable implements Constraintable
public function constraints(): array
return [
new DynamicContraint

This package also includes an email templating feature, which you can learn more about in the package readme. You can learn more about this package on GitHub: BinarCode/laravel-mailator.

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