Mail SPF Checker for Laravel


September 1st, 2022

Mail SPF Checker for Laravel

The Laravel Mail SPF Checker is a package to check if you can send an e-mail through a given mail server in the name of a given e-mail address:

When sending in the name of a domain without using the legitimate mail server of the domain it can get tricky...Most of the time your mail ends up in a spam folder. This can be solved by configuring a correct SPF record for the domain you are sending with.

This package provides a checker that you can use in your app to ensure you have a correct SPF record:

$mailSpfChecker->canISendAs(""); // bool
// If you cannot send mail correctly, this will output the needed SPF record:
if (! $mailSpfChecker->canISendAs("")) {
// Generate a txt-record with a name of
// and the value v=spf1 ip4:#.#.#.# -all
echo $mailSpfChecker->howCanISendAs("");

You can also check using a given mail server:


You can get started with this package by checking out the Mail SFP Checker on GitHub.

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