Manage Friendships, Likes and More with the Acquaintances Laravel Package

Manage Friendships, Likes and More with the Acquaintances Laravel Package

The multicaret/laravel-acquaintances package gives eloquent models the ability to manage friendships, groups, followers, likes, ratings, and favorites.

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Here’s a basic example from the readme:

$user1 = User::find(1);
$user2 = User::find(2);


// The messy breakup :(

Out of the box, you can expect the following features (features may change over time):

  • Send Friend Requests
  • Accept Friend Requests
  • Deny Friend Requests
  • Block a User
  • Group Friends
  • Rate a User or a Model, supporting multiple aspects
  • Follow a User or a Model
  • Like a User or a Model
  • Subscribe a User or a Model
  • Favorite a User or a Model
  • Vote (Upvote & Downvote a User or a Model)

The package has several traits you can use to define capabilities on a model. Here’s a bunch of them defined on a User model:

use Multicaret\Acquaintances\Traits\CanBeFollowed;
use Multicaret\Acquaintances\Traits\CanFollow;
use Multicaret\Acquaintances\Traits\CanLike;
use Multicaret\Acquaintances\Traits\Friendable;

class User extends Model
    use Friendable;
    use CanLike;
    use CanFollow, CanBeFollowed;
    use CanRate, CanBeRated;

The project’s readme has all the details for each model interaction and contains quite a few useful features. You can learn more about this project on GitHub at multicaret/laravel-acquaintances.

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