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May 3rd, 2018


Microweber is an open-source website builder, CMS, and online store built on top of the Laravel and Bootstrap. It aims to allow non-technical users to quickly create any kind of website and online store with a WYSIWYG experience.

Here’s an example of the website editing experience:

Microweber WYSIWYG Editing a Page Title

While playing with the demo I felt there were some rough edges, but Microweber is a project that you could use as a ready-to-go solution or as a starting point to deliver a WYSIWYG site to a client that you can build on top of using Laravel.

Microweber’s main features include:

  • Drag and drop website builder: you can drag and drop modules and arrange elements by dropping elements onto your page and moving them around with your mouse. Drag & Drop applies to all types of content: images, text fields, videos, and the whole variety of modules and additional customization options. No coding experience is required so your users can edit and build their content.
  • Live editing content: you can write the content of your website within the design, and you can switch back and forth between the admin panel view and website interface.
  • Online store builder and payments: Microweber comes with an online store, so all you need to do is start adding prices and products. The main features of the online store include payments, clients list, configurable shipping options, client order statuses, custom fields, and order notifications.
  • Marketplace templates: Microweber has a marketplace where you can purchase templates to get started with quickly.

The interface has a long ways to go still compared to other PHP offerings like WordPress, and live editing felt a little clunky for me at times. I did like the UI editing experience for elements already in place, but adding new modules to an existing page took me some time to figure out. Some of the demo sites I went through looked clean, I would suggest you check out the marketplace to see what’s possible.

Learn More

Microweber is open-source you can either download it directly from Microweber.com, check out the source from GitHub, or sign up on the site with a hosting plan. You can learn more about Microweber and try out the online demo at microweber.com.

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