My Laracon Recap

The following is an excerpt from the Laravel News Digest that was sent out yesterday.

It’s early Tuesday morning, I’m tired and trying to pass the time by reading. The pilot’s voice fills the plane and it causes me to loose my place. I peer out the thick oval window. My eyes widen as I start thinking about the engineering marvel that surrounds me, skyscrapers for miles and even more past the horizon. I’ve been to New York before but I’ve forgotten how massive it is. In just a few short minutes I will be landing in NYC for Laracon.

After all my anticipation of the conference, the Laravel welcome template keeps running through my mind. “You have arrived”.

Shortly after landing I tracked down Taylor and we hopped in a cab to make our way to the hotel. All my coworkers are remote and this is going to be the first time we’ve all met. We have an awesome team and seeing them in person just confirmed how well we all get along.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday we all did the typical touristy stuff. It’s great getting to experience things I’ve only seen on tv and in photos.

Wednesday night was the start of the conference for me. The speaker dinner. I had some transportation issues and arrived fashionable late. Walking in I felt like a teenager with a backstage pass. Many people I admire and respect are seated all around a huge banquet style table. Behind the table I notice huge glass windows. Shinning through is the glimmering Manhattan skyline. The food was superb and the conversation even better.

The next morning was the real start of the conference. The talks were fantastic and lunch was great. NY style deli sandwiches on the rooftop. After the final talk we all headed back to the rooftop to the after party. Beer, NY pretzels, and networking.

Friday, the last day of the conference. Another great lineup of speakers and another round of exceptional talks. The second day had the same format as the first and this time for lunch was NY Pizza. Notice all the NY themed food choices :) After the last talk we all headed to the final after party and packed the place out.

Saturday, my final day. I head to the lobby to grab some breakfast and I see a lot of attendees checking out to head home. I’m sad it’s the last day but make the most out of it by enjoying bagels in the park with the UserScape family and then was able to hang out with Taylor, Shawn, Mitchell, and Sara. I’m glad that my flight wasn’t scheduled until later and I had this opportunity.

When I finally arrived home I’m amazed at how small Charlotte is compared to NY. I see trees, grass, fields, and very few cars coming home. I seen more people in one Manhattan block than in 15 miles of driving from the airport. It really puts it in perspective just how big that place is.

The conference was a blast and I’ve posted a few of my photos on Facebook. I learned so much from the topics and the information shared. It really is hard to take it all in, in such a short amount of time. I can’t wait for next year.

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